Linux Today Quick Takes

Linux and Fixed Frequency Monitors HOW-TO, Microsoft article
regarding Samba/Linux, X-Win32 Review, Windows 2000 virus detected,
Web-based groupware made easy, Linux on Laptops and Comuno web site
adds Linux/Open Source coverage.

  • Kevin Breit sent us
    this link:

    TheStuff.net: Linux and Fixed Frequency Monitors HOW-TO


  • Larry J. Blunk sent in a
    MS article on Samba and the following comment:

    “New Microsoft Knowledgebase article regarding Samba/Linux

    See the following article
    regarding a supposed problem with Samba (the article seems to imply
    it only affects Samba on Linux which seems unlikely). The solution
    to the problem is another predictable MS recommendation.”

    Linux Today sent the Link to Jeremy Allison of the Samba Team to
    see if this was an accurate article or more FUD from Microsoft.
    With permission from Jeremy we are including his response:

    “Oh yes. This is the *ammended* page – the one created with the
    help from the Samba community.”

    “If you scan our mail archives you’ll see an enormous flame war
    over the original article that said “to correct the problem remove
    the Samba server” or words to that effect.”

    “After people complaining about it on the Samba list, a
    Microsoft employee (who was on the Samba list) asked for a
    corrected response, and after getting a consensus from the
    developers he made sure that it was updated.”

    “Microsoft should be commended for this one, as it was a genuine
    case of them *removing* FUD.”

    “The problem they are describing is of course a generic one with
    their domain architecture (ie. you can create the same problem with
    a pure NT environment) but it is not directly an attack on Samba –
    more a “here’s how to fix Samba if someone screws up the config”


  • Gerhard Mourani sent
    in this:

    “New version of (Linux Secure and Optimized Server) renamed (Get
    Acquainted with Linux Security and Optimization System) has been

    Due to a high request from Linux users, this update now include
    a backup section, firewall security approach, Sendmail section,
    Kernel security and improvement, FTP chrooted configuration and a
    lot other changes. This documentation is indispensable for peoples
    that want to get all the advantage, the security, and the
    optimization of a Linux Server.

    You can get a copy at the following address: http://pages.infinit.net/lotus1/

    or get it directly from the following URL: http://pages.infinit.net/lotus1/doc/opti/linuxsos-1.1.pdf.”

  • Bill Henning of
    AboutLinux.com submitted this review:

    “AboutLinux.com: X-Win32 Review

    I ran Gnome applications on a Linux computer and displayed its
    desktop on my Windows box using X-Win32, a commercial X server for
    Windows 95/98/NT. It works quite well.

    Review: http://AboutLinux.com/rev_xwin32_a.html


  • Baiju Thakkar wanted
    to warn us about a new threat to Windows 2000!

    “Windows 2000 virus detected – Yes already

    Windows 2000 won’t come out for another month, but anti-virus
    software makers say they’ve found the first virus that targets
    Microsoft’s forthcoming business operating system.

    The virus, known as the Win2000.Install or W2K.Installer virus,
    inflicts no damage, but can potentially point out conceptual
    vulnerabilities for future virus authors, said researchers at
    anti-virus software makers Symantec and F-Secure. So far,
    Win2000.Install has not been released in the “wild,” or infected
    users at large.

    Full story

  • Sam Sim sent us this

    “Joydesk.com: Web-based groupware made easy

    Joydesk Web-Based Groupware makes it possible for any working
    group to have access to a complete collaboration and office
    application suite. Now anyone has anytime, anywhere access to
    email, calendar, address book and more. All you need is a

    *Free download of Joydesk/Enterprise edition 2.1 for Linux
    operating system: ftp://jd21linux.enterprise.tarfromftp.virtualtek.com

  • Chris Halsall sent us
    this link to an article we missed on WebReview.com in November ’99.

    “Linux on Laptops

    An article I wrote for WebReview.com dealing with putting Linux
    on a Laptop. The first article is at http://www.webreview.com/pub/1999/11/19/feature/index2.html.
    It’s a little old, but is still relevant and didn’t appear on LT
    when it first showed up.

    Thanks and regards.

  • Philip Hunt of Cumono.com
    sent us this announcement:

    “Comuno web site adds Linux/Open Source coverage

    Comuno announces its new site for Linux and Open Source software
    see: http://www.comuno.com/linux/

    Contents include:

    • Linux-related newsfeeds from Slashdot, Linux Today, Freshmeat
      and The Register
    • Links to many Linux / Open Source web sites
    • Links to open source software Comuno has written”