LinuxDevices: CEO Interview: Victor Yodaiken of FSMLabs

Q: What’s new technically?

A: The ‘wow’ stuff is all in the applications.
When people ask me what I do and I show them some code to minimize
interrupt latency, their eyes glaze, but if we show them what Steve
Rosenbluth does with RTLinux–making Tom Cruise’s fake horse look
ridiculously lifelike in ‘The Last Samurai,’ or what Dean
Annesser’s group at Pratt&Whitney do with RTLinux for jet
engine construction, there is a different reaction. The goals we
have for the operating system kernel are to make it as boring as
possible for users–it should just work out of the box and perform
with no surprises. We think of ourselves as making something like
structural beams. The glamor is in the apps. This year applications
have included everything from low cost rockets to robots that can
catch balls, a massive data storage system, a high end smart
real-time router, UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), wireless radio
controllers for machinery, and automated warehouses…”


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