LinuxGames: Heavy Gear II Preview

[ Linux Today reader Matt Matthews writes: ]

At LinuxGames, we have posted preview of Loki’s
port of Heavy Gear II. The preview covers gameplay modes,
multiplayer, graphics, sound, and controls.

“Loki has given me, and several other very lucky gamers, the
opportunity to beta test Heavy Gear II, one of the latest, modern
Mech games. Here they’re called Gears, instead of Mechs, but the
idea is still very similar. Over the past few weeks bugs have been
hunted down and killed, features have been added, and hundreds of
hours of testing have been logged. The time is nigh upon us when
Linux gamers can march into battle with their Windows brothers,
armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction. Let’s see what
Loki’s brought us this time…”