LinuxMall.com: VMELinux Gets Embed

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“VMELinux founder and electrical engineer John Huggins has been
busy at work, bridging the gap for system integrators and
developers looking to use Linux in embedded environments, and he’s
keeping his day job.”

“Huggins embarked on his fairly obscure mission in 1998, working
a contract job for the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington D.C.
I was in desperate need of something,” he said. “I was up
against the wall.” So, in the tradition of engineering, Huggins
made his own driver. “I developed it for my own needs….

“The VMELinux driver is the first result of his efforts. “This
is a kernel device driver. It interfaces user programs to the
system controller and the Tundra Universe chip. It is a traditional
driver in that it uses files within the `/dev’ directory for
communication. This driver uses the standard set of calls and is
thus familiar to any programmer who decides to directly communicate
with the `/dev devices,'” Huggins explained.”