LinuxNewbie.org: Introduction To BASH Shell Scripting: Version 1.2

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“Like all the shells available in Linux, the Bourne Again SHell
is not only an excellent command line shell, but a scripting
language in itself. Shell scripting, allows you to fully utilize
the shell’s abilities and to automate a lot of tasks that would
otherwise require a lot of commands to perform. A lot of programs
lying around your Linux box are shell scripts. If you are
interested in learning how they work, or in modifying them, it is
essential that you understand the bash syntax and semantics. In
addition, by understanding the bash language, you will be able to
write your own programs to do things exactly the way you want them

Writing your own shell scripts requires you to know the
very basic everyday Linux commands. For example, you should know
how to copy, move, create new files, etc.
The one thing you
must know how to do is to use a text editor. There are three major
text editors in Linux, vi, emacs and pico. If you are not familiar
with vi or emacs, go for pico or some other easy to use text

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