Linuxnewbie.org: Introduction to Linux Games

[ Thanks to Sensei
for this link. ]

One of the main arguments people use when considering
switching to linux is that “there are no games”. This is simply not
Aside from dual booting to play games or to do serious
work, there are many commercial, and free, games available for
Linux. Commercial games are mainly “ports” of windows games. Loki
has many games available, Railroad Tycoon 2, Heroes of Might and
Magic 3, Civ CTP to name a few.”

“The problem with these games is they are separate entities from
there windows counterparts. If you already own Railroad Tycoon 2
for Windows, to use it on linux you must buy a new copy of the
linux game, for around £40.”

“Finding these games on the high street is also a hard job. Ask
your local games shop if they have any linux products in and they
will likely give you a blank stare. Fortunately this is changing,
many shops have at least 1 person that’s heard of Linux. They are
unlikely to have any in stock though. My local Game, in Manchester,
had 3 linux games in one week, but they were gone the next.”


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