LinuxPlanet: A Sneak Peak at Eazel’s Nautilus

“Eazel was only warily accepted by the core of the GNOME
community at first. According to Adler, concerns existed within the
GNOME community about Eazel’s long-term commitment to the project,
and how maintainable any code they produced would be should other
GNOME programmers need to finish the work they’d started.”

“‘There was a lot of pressure from the other folks in the GNOME
project to do things in a way that matched the core GNOME pieces.
This wasn’t going to be just another module, this was going to be a
part of the core GNOME… they convinced us to code in C, and they
also convinced us to pick up the work someone else (Elliot Lee of
Red Hat) had already started.'”

” The issues were ultimately resolved with Eazel’s decision to
switch tracks in programming choices to conform more with the
existing project. ‘We really wanted to be a part of the community,
not some sort of rebel faction.'”


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