LinuxPlanet: NetRaider: Small, Fast Window to the Web

“NetRaider is to be used on the KDE2 desktop. There is a good
reason for this, since much of the rendering functionality is
borrowed from the embedded version of KDE2’s own native browser

“Because of this use of the Konqueror rendering engine,
NetRaider’s own renderings are very smooth, particularly in the
font department, long the bane of any Linux user. I ran across a
few rendering boo-boos here and there, but a reload of the page
always fixed it.”

“Users will like NetRaider for its simplicity and its speed. And
I am not kidding about the speed. I loaded up several pages, of
varying degrees of complexity, and they all flashed up to the
screen in seconds. I even loaded my favorite bugaboo site for
browsers, MSNBC, and everything loaded very quickly.”


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