LinuxPlanet: Running Windows Apps on Linux: Put Away the WINE

“It is a sad truth that many corporate IT departments have been
resistant to switching their desktops away from the Windows
platform because of the dependence of their end users on
Windows-based applications.”

“Even a switch from Word to the nearly identical WordPerfect, IT
execs reason, would involve too much downtime and money spent in
getting users acclimated to the new application.”

“There are, of course, alternatives to making the switch more
palatable. The Windows Emulator for Linux, WINE, is often proposed
as a solution for migrating Windows apps to the Linux platform. But
WINE’s technology is tricky to use and not entirely stable at this
point in its development.”

“VMware is another potential solution for getting this task
done, but this solution, while stable, is often hugely
processor-intensive and a bit slow to use.”

“Other solutions, however, exist for the Linux users, both
corporate and home, who absolutely must have their Windows


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