LinuxPower: Talking with IBM’s Daniel Frye about GNOME

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for this link. ]

“During Linux World Expo in San Jose in August the GNOME
Foundation was announced. A lot of leading companies in the
industry pledged their support. In a series of interviews we will
talk with the companies involved to try to find out more about what
plans they have for GNOME and what they hope to get in return for
their investments in GNOME. We start off this series of interviews
by talking with Daniel Frye, Director of IBM Linux Technology

“What are IBM’s hopes and expectations from GNOME?”

“DF: We’re expecting that GNOME will accelerate Linux innovation
and the use of Linux as a desktop. GNOME is one of the major
efforts that, when successful, will legitimize Linux as a viable

“SashXB has been released by IBM for GNOME/Linux, what kind of
application development are the planned target for this tool?”

“DF: New, web-based applications. SashXB allows the development
and deployment of a completely new type of innovative web-based
application. Of course, one of the strengths of open source is that
the technology can be (and probably will be) utilized in ways we
haven’t even thought of yet.”


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