LinuxPower: Webdownloader for X

“Like myself the first time I heard about, I guess the the
first reaction from many of you is something like; why would I need
a seperate application for downloads?; Netscape and gftp does this
fine. Well, the reason is that Downloader for X definetly does it
better than Netscape and maybe more convienient in many cases than

“If you need to download a huge amount of files or large files
using Netscape is seldom a good idea. Netscape has a tendency to
crash and it doesn’t support resuming downloads. It also downloads
multiple files in an inefficient manner. So how do you use
Downloader for X then? The easiest solution is to have the
Webdownloader for X GNOME applet running. This gives you a icon on
you panel to which you simply drag files from you netscape window
and drops them ontop of the icon by releasing the mouse
button.Alternatly you can have the Webdownloader app running and
drop the downloads onto it instead.”

“When you drag a file onto Webdownloader it replies by popping
up a dialog asking you where you want to put it and if you want to
start downloading it right away. Usually you just answer ok to have
it start download and place the file in your home folder. As you
might have surmised this means that Webdownloader frees you of that
annoying behaviour in Netscape which makes you having to choose
directory first, press cancel when it asks if you want to overwrite
the directory, and then asking Netscape to start downloading again
in order for it to download to the directory you want. After you
press ok, Webdownloader then adds them to its list and downloads
them the way you have spesified.”