LinuxPR: CoSORT Announces v7 Support for Linux, Solaris 7

“Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc. (The CoSORT
Company) today announced the availability of its flagship CoSORT 7
release for Linux and Solaris 2.7, for both SPARC and Intel
platforms. CoSORT enables developers and end-users on these
platforms to fully exploit inherent parallel processing, large file
I/O, and internet-related data webhousing capabilities. These ports
were done subsequent to CoSORT 7’s primary support for: AIX
4.1.4-4.3.3, HP-UX 9.04-11.0, Solaris 2.5-2.6, Digital Unix/Compaq
Tru64 Unix 4.0, Data General 5.4, Windows NT 4.0, NCR MP-RAS 3,
Reliant Unix (Sinix) 5.4, SCO Unix 5, UnixWare 2-7, and Windows

“As the world’s first commercial sort developer for Unix, IRI
continues its tradition of leading-edge platform support,” observed
IRI Business Development VP David Friedland. “CoSORT 7 creates
sort-related development opportunities for Linux application
programmers and fully scalable sort and join performance for
Solaris database loads and data warehouse staging,

CoSORT 7 is fully interoperable across all Unix and NT
platforms, with utility script and API interfaces cross-executable,
and even remotely launchable via a unique JAVA GUI.
coroutine engine provides the world’s fastest parallel and
multithreaded sort performance on SMP Unix and Windows NT server
platforms. CoSORT is used by mainframe COBOL and sort users
migrating to open systems, as well as database administrators and
data warehouse architects requiring pre-load join, select, convert,
aggregate, sort, merge, de-dup, and reformat functionality. CoSORT
7 also provides drop-in replacements for Solaris and Linux (Unix)
sort, NT sort, Micro Focus COBOL and other third party sorts and
its sort control language features parm conversion tools for
processing COBOL, CSV, web log (CLF/ELF) and JCL metadata or sort


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