LinuxPR: CoSource.com Announces Cooperatively Funded Open Source Project

“Cosource.com, the cooperative market for open source
development, announced today the successful completion of their
first collaborative open source project. The project, co-funded
by several different individuals, is an enhancement to the XFce3
graphical user environment for Linux.
It was developed by
Emile Snyder, a free software enthusiast in Portland, Oregon. The
completed patch is now freely available for download via a link on

“The request for the software enhancement was first posted as
part of Cosource.com’s live beta program. Snyder then submitted a
proposal to perform the programming. Several individuals who also
needed the requested package committed personal funds to pay for
the development. This mechanism allows individuals who are not
programmers to directly support the development of needed open
source applications. Cosource.com’s live beta program continues,
with over 100 requests for open source software currently posted
and several more projects already in development.”

“The success of this initial project shows that the combined
power of open source and the internet is the best way to solve
software problems,” said Bernie Thompson, CEO of Cosource.com.
“This proves that multiple sponsors can co-fund a mutually needed
development effort and make open source work for everyone.”