LinuxPR: Covalent Assembling Apache Developer Group

“Brain trust to benefit both open-source community and
business sector”

“Covalent Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of Apache Web
server e-commerce solutions, announced today that it has assembled
an industry-leading group of Apache Web server developers to work
in its San Francisco office. These experts include some of the most
highly regarded developers in the Apache and open-source

“Covalent is the first company to devote its resources solely to
the development, support, and training programs for the open-source
Apache Web server platform, which powers 58% of the world’s Web
servers-more than double the number of servers using Microsoft’s
Internet Information Server and a 4.5% increase in market share
since October of 1999.”

” ‘With the development team we are building, we will be working
to add value to Apache by developing related products and services
that continue to increase the acceptance of Apache as the Web
server platform of choice,’ said Randy Terbush, Covalent Chairman
and CTO. ‘By providing unrivaled expertise to businesses using
Apache as part of their Internet solutions, we help the Apache
Software Foundation achieve their goals of establishing the Apache
Web server as the Web server software standard.”

“Covalent appears to have gathered some of the best and
brightest of the Apache developer movement,” said Christopher
Galvin, Managing Director and Senior eBusiness Analyst with Chase
H&Q. “It bodes very well both for the future of this
first-mover in the Apache world and for the open-source