LinuxPR: Easy Install Linux Software for Laptops…Impossible? Not for Tuxtops, Inc.

What could be easier than buying a laptop pre-loaded and
configured for running Linux? How about a standalone, easy install
CD that works on a variety of laptop models?
Tuxtops offers
its latest innovation to the public Monday, September 18.”

“Everyone’s heard the horror stories regarding running Linux on
a laptop, the endless search for drivers, compatibility headaches,
X issues. Even with a multitude of self-help sites on the web, this
process has always required a major investment of time and energy.
At a time when most people find themselves with less and less of
both, a Linux notebook is too much hassle and grief. Thanks to
Tuxtops, Inc. it doesn’t have to be.”

“The company has a flawless history of producing the best
pre-loaded and configured Linux laptops on the market, and now
they’re expanding into the lucrative software field. Imagine an
easy loading, one step Linux CD you just put in the drive and watch
go; imagine having your mobile computer up and running your
favorite flavor of Linux in well under an hour; now stop imagining
and visit www.Tuxtops.com.”