LinuxPR: Elsop introduces LinkScan Enterprise 7.0

The LinkScan products are the industrial strength link
checking and website management tools for all Linux, Unix and
Windows operating systems.

“Electronic Software Publishing Corporation (Elsop) is pleased
to announce the release of LinkScan Enterprise.”

“With the introduction of LinkScan Enterprise, Elsop now offers
a solution for every level of an organization from individual
webmaster to development team to mutilple teams of developers and
content managers. Elsop’s family of three quality assurance
products: LinkScan Workstation, LinkScan Server, and LinkScan
Enterprise provide a seamless growth path that is offered with
complete compatibility between the different products. This is
important to large organizations because their training and support
requirements are the same for all three products. All LinkScan
products can now scan remote as well as local computer systems via
HTTP and/or file system.”