LinuxPR: GNU Enteprise and Double Choco Latte Projects Merge

“Double Choco Latte (DCL), a work order and help desk
management system, today announced that it will be merging into GNU
Enterprise (GNUe), a GNU Package. These two projects give
individual and corporate users software freedom for enterprise
applications through the GNU General Public License, which grants
and defends users’ freedoms to copy, share, modify, and
redistribute software.

“DCL has always had a vision of creating an integrated set of
applications,” said Michael Dean, Lead Developer of Double Choco
Latte, “The merging of these two projects will accelerate the
process of making that vision a reality. Additionally, the GNUe
tools will provide a very robust and customizable framework on
which to build, integrate, and extend DCL in ways that would have
required significantly more development effort. GNUe and DCL
together will help create solutions that meet the requirements of
an organization’s ERP or CRM needs.”

By putting DCL under the GNUe umbrella, additional resources
will be immediately devoted to it. DCL and its existing PHP
interfaces will quickly be available under the GNUe Application
Framework. DCL will be better modularized. Stronger customer
management and billing/invoicing by project/work order will be the
first of many new features. DCL will become the project management
package of GNUe and will use GNUe modules for many of its


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