LinuxPR: Japanese WordMage Suite Enhanced For Students And Schools

“Lava Software is now shipping Japanese WordMage (TM) v5.7, a
complete low-cost Japanese application suite for MacOS, Windows
95/98/NT/2000 and Linux. New features include the `Kanji Safari’
multiplayer game, interactive storybooks, reading, aural and visual
comprehension exercises, and a powerful new vocabulary import
filter. Many features now support the extended European, Cyrillic
and Greek character sets (in addition to Japanese), making Japanese
WordMage also suitable for students of French, German, Italian,
Spanish, Russian, Greek, etc.”

“All The Applications You Need In One Great Package.”

“Japanese WordMage offers nine highly integrated applications
including a multilingual wordprocessor, a HTML web page editor /
viewer, various study systems with authoring abilities (interactive
storybooks, auto-revision flashcards, the ‘Kanji Safari’
multiplayer game and reading, aural and visual comprehension
exercises), a powerful Kanji reference dictionary, a grammar
library builder and a text translation aid.”