LinuxPR: Lineo And Cosource.com Announce Open Source Project Completion

“Open Source Development Tools Enhanced Through Collaborative

“Lineo, Inc., a leading developer of embedded Linux system
software, and Cosource.com, the cooperative market for open source,
today announced the successful completion of their first joint open
source project. Lineo utilized Cosource.com’s reverse-auction
market to select a Linux developer to integrate the htDig search
engine with Kdevelop, a leading open source development environment
for Linux. Additionally, Lineo provided the majority of the funding
for the Kdevelop project which is now publicly available under open
source licensing.”

Kdevelop is an excellent tool. By adding some specific
enhancements that our customers needed, we increased its value
,” said Tim Bird, Chief Technology Officer at
Lineo, Inc. “Cosource.com provided us a way to solicit developers
with Linux expertise, allowing us to make these enhancements
available to everyone under Open Source licensing.”