LinuxPR: Linux High Availability Solution

“TurboCluster Server 1.2Beta1 Available for Free Download”

“TurboCluster Server 1.2Beta1, a high availability complete
Linux OS clustering solution for Linux, is available for free
download, FTP install, or FTP upgrade. The clustering system allows
multiple Linux machines to function as a single web server, mail
server or other TCP/IP server. Load-balancing among the nodes is
configurable by the user. The system monitors hardware and software
for failure of a node and will automatically correct the problem,
avoiding costly downtime. TurboCluster Server will send system
status reports to the system administrator by e-mail in the event
of hardware or software failure.”

“This version is for testing purposes only. The package comes
with TurboLinux Server, cluster management software and
configuration tools. A source code patch for Linux kernel 2.2.9 is
included with the system and published under the GPL.”