LinuxPR: Linux Press introduces How to Install Linux(r) series

How to Install Linux(r) for Red Hat(r) Linux(r) is first in

“Linux Press today announced its newest line of books, How to
Install Linux. Part of the popular Linux Resource Series, How to
Install Linux will target specific Linux distributions and provide
complete and easy to follow installation instructions for the
operating system as well as for packages.”

“How to Install Linux for Red Hat Linux covers the entire
installation process of Red Hat Linux 6.1 from both the text-based
approach and using the new GUI-based installation program. The two
CD-ROMs include the Red Hat Linux 6.1 version of the Linux
Operating System and a Bonus CD with selected Red Hat PowerToolsTM
and other handy files. Using Red Hat’s Package Manager (RPM(r)),
you can quickly install the wide variety of files included covering
games, utilities, Internet Server, programming languages, C/C++
compiler and office productivity tools.”