LinuxPR: Loki Releases Open-Source Motion JPEG Library for Linux

“Loki Entertainment Software, the leader in bringing top-selling
PC games to the Linux operating system, announces their third
Open-Source project, the SDL Motion JPEG Library (SMJPEG).”

“SMJPEG creates and displays full motion video using an open,
non-proprietary format created by Loki. It is based on a
modified version of the Independent JPEG Group’s library for JPEG
image manipulation and freely available source code for ADPCM audio
Among its many benefits, SMJPEG allows for
arbitrary video sizes and frame-rates, user-tuneable compression
levels, and facilities for frame-skipping and time

“Loki developed SMJPEG in the course of porting Railroad Tycoon
II: Gold EditionTM by PopTop Software and Gathering of
Developers. While Loki is contractually bound to protect the
publisher’s original game code, Loki shares any improvements to the
underlying Linux software code with the Open Source community.”