LinuxPR: Lutris Technologies Acquires InstantDB Database

“Lutris Technologies, Inc., today announced the acquisition of
InstantDB, a Java relational database management system
In addition, Lutris announced that Peter Hearty, the
developer of InstantDB, has joined the company to continue
development and support of InstantDB, its customer base and
development community. Lutris has also begun preparing
InstantDB for its introduction to the Open Source community,
scheduled for early summer.”

“”Our goal is to support the development of the best Open Source
tools, applications, and services for building Internet
applications,” said Paul Morgan, Vice President of Engineering and
Chief Technology Officer at Lutris. “We are confident that current
users and the Enhydra Open Source community will embrace InstantDB
and help to ensure its success as an Open Source initiative.””

“InstantDB is a 100 percent Java RDBMS. Since its introduction
in July 1997, the database has been adopted by thousands of
Internet and database developers worldwide and has been distributed
freely for use by non-profit and government organizations. It has
also been available for purchase by for-profit companies, and
currently ships with IBM’s Websphere application
server and other commercial applications. The current version is
small, efficient, and easy to install; it also includes sample
database functions to help the novice developer get started.
InstantDB is accessed via its own JDBC driver,
and utilization of standard SQL and Sun’s JDBC API ensures that
applications are highly portable.”