LinuxPR: NetBeans and Tendril Integrate UML Tools Into IDE

“NetBeans and Tendril Software… announced the joint
availability of their integrated modeling and development
With this integration, developers can visually
design UML (Unified Modeling Language) models for robust
distributed applications while inside the IDE. Any changes made to
either the Java source or UML diagrams are immediately reflected in
the other. Developers can then rapidly construct, deploy and debug
with leading application servers and CORBA ORBs.

“Tendril’s StructureBuilder, a model-based component and
application development tool, is available as a plug-in module to
NetBeans Developer 3.0 IDE (Integrated Development

“As Java development expands into the enterprise, UML will be
crucial in helping developers construct well-designed distributed
systems and understand non-visual server-side logic,” said Roman
Stanek, CEO of NetBeans. “StructureBuilder is a powerful tool that
will help corporations build better applications that meet the
demands of Internet development cycles.”