LinuxPR: Real-Time Application Interface (RTAI) for Linux v. 1.3 Released

“The Real Time Application Interface (RTAI) development team led
by Paolo Mantegazza of Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale
Politecnico di Milano (DIAPM), today announced the release of RTAI,
version 1.3. In the open source spirit, this new version provides
enhanced capabilities and services which simultaneously extend the
ability of RTAI to meet the needs of complex real-time applications
and make it easier for developers to write and debug those
applications. RTAI is available under the Free Software
Foundation’s LGPL open source license.”

“RTAI now includes dynamic memory allocation, a /proc interface,
an enhanced LXRT-Informed (LinuX RT) module and PERL bindings for
soft real-time task development.”

The availability of RTAI’s services and features, with
debug and development tools, combine to provide what many believe
to be the foremost implementation of real-time Linux.
information on RTAI (v 0.7) can be found in the April issue of
Linux Journal.”