LinuxPR: Rebel.com expands global presence of the NetWinder

“Rebel.com Inc., a leading supplier of Linux, UNIX and Windows
NT enterprise solutions, today announced that it has entered into a
technology and distribution agreement with KASAN Electronics Corp.,
a leading manufacturer and distributor of PC peripherals and
electronics. The agreement provides KASAN with exclusive rights to
market and distribute the NetWinder OfficeServer throughout the
Pacific Rim.”

“As part of the agreement, KASAN will leverage the NetWinder to
the Pacific Rim’s rapidly expanding Internet and Web hosting
market, which currently stands at approximately 45 million

“Due to the increased number of Internet users, the Linux
thin-server market is expected to grow rapidly in Korea. The Korean
government supports the development of Linux OS-based servers,
resulting in Linux-based servers being a very affordable
alternative for both business (SOHO) and personal usage. It is also
estimated that there will be over 100,000 Web hosting operations in
Korea by year-end.”