LinuxPR: RidgeRun Enables Broad, Commercial Embedded Linux Usage for Developers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Embedded Systems Conference –
Driving open-source prevalence further into the mass commercial
market, RidgeRun, Inc., announced today that it has created dynamic
shared library support for developers who are creating a broad
variety of applications for embedded devices. With the industry’s
first shared library support for the ARM7 MMU-less Linux
environment, developers can use software licensed under the Library
GNU Public License (LGPL). RidgeRun made this dynamic link support
available with its newly released Board Support Package (BSP) for
Texas Instruments’ TMS320VC5471 processor. Without dynamic link
support, developers were hesitant to use code licensed under the
LGPL if they had a need to keep their application code proprietary
for various reasons such as partner licensing agreements or
protecting trade secrets. “Today’s announcement once again
demonstrates RidgeRun’s efforts to strengthen Linux in the embedded
marketplace,” said Dan George, Vice President of Product
Development for RidgeRun. “Manufacturers of embedded products are
increasingly moving from home-grown operating systems to
Linux-based software such as RidgeRun’s DSPLinux. And while many of
our customers have code they prefer to keep proprietary for various
business reasons, they are still very interested in contributing to
and benefiting from open source development. Shared library support
makes this possible, and RidgeRun has allowed those using MMU-less
systems to take advantage of this benefit for the first time.”
Other important benefits of shared library support include reduced
memory footprint through shared code, and the ability to upgrade
libraries used by multiple programs in the embedded device.
About RidgeRun, Inc.
RidgeRun is exclusively focused on bringing the reliability and
flexibility of Linux to embedded Internet appliances based on DSPs
(digital signal processors). RidgeRun’s DSPLinux TM and Escali TM leverage the power of Texas Instruments
dual-core DSP+ARM architectures to deliver the performance-leading
platform for wireless, broadband and multimedia appliances.
RidgeRun can be reached at www.ridgerun.com or by e-mail to


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