LinuxPR: SuSE and Enlighten Software Partner for Linux Management

SuSE Will Bundle Linux System Monitoring with 6.4

“Enlighten Software, a leading provider of integrated event
monitoring and systems-management software for Linux, Unix, and
Windows, and SuSE Linux AG, one of the world’s leading Linux
providers, today announced a strategic partnership. As a result of
the partnership, SuSE will bundle Enlighten’s Linux System
Monitoring and Reporting technology with the SuSE Linux 6.4 for
Intel distribution. This technology will add sophisticated
instrumentation of the Linux environment for SuSE customers.”

“SuSE customers will be able to select Enlighten Monitoring for
their Linux system during the SuSE installation process. When
selected, the Enlighten Linux Monitoring Agent will be able to
monitor and report on critical Linux system and operating
conditions including processor, memory utilization, changes in
hardware and software configuration and increases in network
errors. The Enlighten Agent will also point SuSE customers to the
Enlighten Software web site where they will be able to register and
license the Linux Agent and obtain documentation and information
about configuring over 80 tests that come with the agent.
Additionally, SuSE customers can choose to upgrade to the full
EnlightenDSM product for single point monitoring and management of
Linux, Unix and Windows.”