LinuxPR: Touch Dynamics Announces Development of an Open-Source Kiosk Operating

The KOSIX project is poised to offer a viable alternative
to conventional kiosk operating systems.

“Touch Dynamics has announced today the development of an
open-source software (OSS) project to develop an industry standard
public kiosk terminal operating system.”

“The purpose of the Kiosk Operating System (KOSIX) project is to
create an operating system platform for public terminals that is
stable, secure, powerful and open to everyone. In following the
Open Source tradition, KOSIX is based upon the GNU General Public
License, which allows the greatest amount of freedom for all who
choose to adopt it. KOSIX will continue to evolve in a fashion
similar to other Open Source projects, with features and
functionality being dictated directly by the developers who seek to
use it. Like other Open Source projects, KOSIX is not owned or
controlled by any single person or entity, and will remain free for
all to benefit, both private and commercially, so long as the
beneficiaries respect and uphold the spirit of the license it is
bound by.”