LinuxToday.com.au: Linux Applications I’d Like To See

[ Thanks to renai43
for this link. ]

“Thanks to high quality commercial programs like the brilliant
Applixware Office and WordPerfect’s suite, it is now theoretically
possible to spend most (but not all, see my other story) of one’s
working life running Linux. Many of us will never miss
Microsoft Office and those dammed dancing paper clips. However,
there are a handful of must-have Windows (or Macintosh)
applications that I’d like to see make the jump to Linux.

“Of course many readers will argue that one could run all these
Windows applications without ever leaving Linux by using an
emulator. In my, admittedly limited, experience programs like Wine
and Dosemu are best used for short diversions into the Windows
world rather than protracted sessions and certainly not ready for
critical applications. Your mileage may differ.”

“Here’s the Windows programs I can’t live without.”


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