LinuxToday.com.au: Wine: It Gets Better With Age

“Was there ever a piece of alpha code quite as indispensable as
Wine? For those who don’t already know Wine allows you to run
Windows applications on a Linux system. In technical terms it’s an
open source implementation of the Windows API (application
programmer interface) that runs on top of X. It was originally
designed to work with Linux, but is available for other versions of

“Wine has been around since 1993 when it was first developed as
way of running Windows 3.1 programs on Linux. Since then it has
expanded to deal with 32-bit Windows, that is Windows 95 and 98
applications. There’s also a development toolkit that allows
Windows programmers to port their software to Linux….”

“As you’ve probably guessed, I’ve recently developed something
of a taste for Wine and, quite possibly, have overindulged.
Hopefully there’s not going to be any awful hangovers in the
morning. So far my machine seems to wake up clear-headed each

“I first tried Wine many months ago, but not having a lot of
time for tinkering, I simply put it to one side. Then, in a
recent column I listed a number of Windows applications that I’d
like to see ported to Linux. Some readers responded saying that
thanks to Wine, a native version of, say, Quicken, wasn’t


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