LinuxWorld: Evolution’s latest mutations

“For Linux to take a prominent place on John Q. User’s desktop,
it needs a top-notch graphical email client. Evolution may be

“It’s been a while since I’ve looked at Evolution, the GNOME
project’s answer to Microsoft Outlook. I wrote about Evolution 0.2
last summer, when it was barely out of the larval stage. While some
serious progress has been made between 0.2 and the current 0.8
release, there is still work to be done before 1.0 goes out the
door later this year.”

“The biggest difference is that I can now use Evolution in my
everyday life. It still crashes and you should still back up your
mail folders, but I’m using it now for two POP accounts,
calendaring, and contact information.”

“What’s the same? Evolution is still very attractive. It still
operates out of the same basic framework and looks like it will
become the premier mail client for Linux. And it is still a work in
progress. I don’t recommend throwing away your current mail client
and moving to Evolution today. But brave souls — in addition to
the Evolution hackers — are doing just that. If you’re not quite
ready for mail on the edge, you might think about switching later.
It’s going to be a dandy.”

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