M2 Presswire: Applix announces SmartBeak.com

“Applix…a leader in applications for Linux and UNIX markets,
announced today that the company has launched a new web site,
www.SmartBeak.com, to bring together the support and collaboration
needs of Open Source Software developers and users.”

Users seeking help for issues relating to Open Source
Software often have to use a combination of internet-based
information sources to obtain the knowledge required to fix their
problems. The purpose of SmartBeak.com is to simplify and
accelerate this effort.

“We created the SmartBeak.com website to address the need in the
Linux and Open Source Software community for a more structured
approach to providing knowledge and managing support issues,” said
Jit Saxena, Chairman and CEO of Applix. “We are seeking to position
SmartBeak.com as the website that brings users and developers
together in one place and helps them to work together in a
collaborative fashion.”

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