Making Linux Application User Interfaces Richer with OpenGL

“Ars was at FOSSCamp this weekend. Think of FOSSCamp as an
‘un-conference’ without a set agenda where the minds behind open
source projects get together and plot world domination (and, err,
ways to improve their code). One fascinating session (and one that
shows how FOSSCamp works and why it’s so productive) was given by
Mirco Müller, who discussed using OpenGL in GTK applications.
Müller–the developer behind Cairo-Clock and the LowFat image
viewer–talked about the state of OpenGL support in desktop
applications and described various techniques that developers can
use to make OpenGL content integrate better with conventional GTK
user interfaces.

“At the start of the session, Müller explained the reasons
why developers might want to use OpenGL in GTK applications…”

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