Marcelo Tosatti: Linux 2.4.32-rc1


Full Changelog


Here goes the first -rc of v2.4.32, containing a set of small
corrections here and there, most of them being fixes backported
from v2.6.

Summary of changes from v2.4.32-pre3 to v2.4.32-rc1

Andrey J. Melnikoff:
  Remove isofs useless unsigned ” < 0″ comparison

  nfs client: handle long symlinks properly

Chuck Ebbert:
  i386: fix incorrect FP signal delivery

Dave Johnson:
  [IPV4]: Fix negative timer loop with lots of ipv4

Gustavo Zacarias:
  [SPARC64]: Use vmalloc() in do_netfilter_replace()

Hasso Tepper:
  [IPV6]: Route events reported with wrong netlink PID
and seq number

  CAN-2005-0204: AMD64, allows local users to write to
privileged IO ports via OUTS instruction
  isofs driver ignore parameters

Jean Delvare:
  update lm_sensors mailing list address

Kirill Korotaev:
  Lost sockfd_put() in routing_ioctl()
  lost fput in 32bit ioctl on x86-64

Kiyoshi Ueda:
  IA64: page_not_present fault in region 5 is normal

M.Baris Demiray:
  Update PPPoE’s configuration documentation

Marcelo Tosatti:
  NFS: dprintk on -ENAMETOOLONG error handling
  Update VERSION to 2.4.32-rc1
  Andrea Arcangeli: avoid size_buffers_type overflow
  Merge master.kernel.org:/…/davem/net-2.4
  Revert unnecessary arch/ppc64/boot/zlib.c
  Revert unnecessary zlib_inflate/inftress.c fix

  cciss 2.4.60

Patrick McHardy:
  [NETFILTER]: Handle NAT module load race