MaximumLinux.com: Putting the Unix Dev Tools Back Into OS X

When Apple bundled up the BSD portions of Mac OS X, they
left out all the development tools. If you love to hack with them,
however, you’re probably already cringing at the thought.

“Unfortunately for these folks, Apple went a bit far when they
removed the developer tools from the public beta. Removing the
developer tools from a Unix environment does a lot more than
prevent development — it effectively blocks installation of any
nonstandard Unix tools onto the system.”

“Fortunately, there’s a fix, and its name is Darwin. Apple’s
Open Source operating system is binary-compatible with Mac OS X (in
a very real sense it is a part of Mac OS X, redone slightly to
create a stand-alone OS), and it does include the missing compiler
tools. We’ve written a little shell script that’ll take a mounted
Darwin disk image and&ahem&borrow the missing components
for use under OS X.”


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