Michael Meeks talks about LibreOffice and the Document Foundation

“A group of OpenOffice.org developers has announced the creation
of an independent foundation – called the Document Foundation – to
guide the further development of the office suite, which is
provisionally named LibreOffice. At the heart of this effort is
longtime OpenOffice.org developer Michael Meeks. We had the good
fortune to discuss the LibreOffice effort with Michael; read on for
his comments on this new initiative

“LWN: Probably the first question that will come to mind for
most of our readers is “Why?” — why fork OpenOffice.org? And
why now?

“Well, it has been ten years since a foundation was promised as
part of the original OpenOffice.org announcement, and there is now
a confluence of circumstances to realise that goal. We want a
vendor neutral body that lots of companies and non-profits can
contribute to as peers. That foundation is called the Document
Foundation, and for trademark reasons our product will be called

“LWN: What do you see as the advantages of LibreOffice for
OpenOffice.org users? developers? distributions?”

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