Minivend 4.01 Released

“MiniVend is the most powerful free shopping cart system
available today. Its features and power rival the costliest
commercial systems.” (from the MiniVend Web site)

****** message to minivend-announce from Mike Heins ******

Minivend-4.01 introduces the following:

  • Linux binaries will be tracked with all releases. The RPM spec
    files have been published, so it should be possible for users on
    other processors/operating systems to build binaries for those

    Some things that are present in the Linux binary:

    • Log files are kept in /var/log/minivend
    • Demo catalogs are pre-built and placed in
      /var/lib/minivend/basic and /var/lib/minivend/simple.
    • PID and socket files go in /var/run/minivend
    • Main config file is /etc/minivend.cfg
    • /etc/rc.d/init.d/minivend script added, adds starts for
      runlevels 3, 4, 5, stops for rest of the levels.
    • /etc/logrotate.d/minivend log rotation added.

    MiniMate and minivend-docs RPMs are also provided.

    They are not relocatable yet, sorry. I think I may be able to
    figure that one out eventually….

  • Bug in [query …] and other tags fixed. It prevented
    [more-list] … [/more-list] from working properly.
  • Bug in build procedure found, should prevent binaries and man
    pages ending up in strange places.
  • Rework of some things in makecat to make catalogs relocatable
    and transportable.


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