modemnet.net: Finally, Linux for the Desktop?

[ Thanks to Hap for this link.

“When Linux was developed, it was created to be an alternative
solution to the popular and costly Unix operating system, which ran
most of the servers at that time. Since then Linux has become the
second most popular server operating system (OS) behind Windows
NT/2000 as well as now being used to power everything from PDA’s to
internet appliances. But amidst the recent Linux explosion many
people have wondered where does Linux fit into the desktop

“The answer to that is unclear. From it’s roots as a Unix clone,
it seemed Linux was destined just to be another server operating
system confined only to the uses of network administrators and IT
professionals. But with the technology boom in recent years all of
that has changed. Linux has taken on different roles and directions
due to its low cost and open source features. In all of this
growth, Linux seems to have been left out of the desktop market or
at least confined to the PC’s of Linux hobbyists and

“That seems to be changing with the most recent release of
Lycoris Desktop/LX. Lycoris Desktop/LX, formerly known as Redmond
Linux, has seemingly done what all other Linux distributions have
tried for years to accomplish. To create a reliable desktop
operating system that is unbelievably easy to use and includes a
wide array of software to accomplish any task you might have. Other
distributions have tried this but failed in their attempts by not
keeping the user in mind, and not remembering the simplicity and
easiness that normal everyday users need…”


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