mozillaZine: Mozilla Build from February 16 for Linux [User Review]

“I just wanted to do a quick write-up here on the status of
Mozilla from a Linux user’s point of view. …as of today, I’ve
finally seen enough improvements in the last months’ builds that I
was extremely impressed.
This is all from a regular user’s
point of view, of course. But if you are a regular user too, you
might be interested in some of the changes in the past month or so.
Keeping in mind, of course, that this all comes from the unofficial
point of view of someone outside the Mozilla developer

“The first thing I noticed upon popping up Mozilla today (02-16)
was that my current Most Hated Bug was gone. My Most Hated Bug was
a problem with text fields, included the URL bar, where clicking on
them to type for the first time would cause them to pause and fill
with gray momentarily before you could proceed. As far as I can
tell, this is gone entirely.”

“The mail and news reader in Mozilla have come so far I hardly
recognize them. I’ll have to reserve judgement on how usable they
are for now, as I haven’t had a chance to really work them over.
Looks extremely promising, I must say.”