Network World: Microsoft to boost NT/Unix interoperability

“Microsoft last week announced it has scooped up Windows NT/Unix
interoperability company Softway Systems. The move advances
Microsoft’s recent efforts to improve interoperability between NT
and Unix…”

“Privately-held Softway makes the Interix range of emulation
software that enables developers to port Unix-based scripts and
applications so that they can run natively on NT. Unlike other
Windows emulation software, portable operating system interface for
Unix (Posix)-based Interix is able to tap directly into NT’s
kernel. Interix also supports the open-source Unix-like Linux
operating system. The Posix standard defines the language interface
between applications and the Unix operating system…

“Microsoft has gradually accelerated its NT/Unix
interoperability efforts to woo more enterprise-level customers by
easing the migration path from Unix to NT.”

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