news.kde.org: KDE 3.0 Screenshots (A/K/A, Do You Like Themes?)

“Rob Kaper has graciously fulfilled the oft-heard
request for screenshots of the upcoming KDE 3.0 release. Take a
trip to KDE.org and have a look at the screenshots featuring (1)
the cool dotNet style (my personal favorite after Liquid) (large
SS), (2) KOnCD, now a part of the KDE base distribution (large SS),
(3) a desktop shot with the really cool iKons icon set (large SS),
and (4) the Media Peach color theme and Quartz window decorations
(large SS). This might be a good time to remind everyone: for more
information on the amazing themes and icons available for KDE,
check out KDE-Look.org, the Themes section at APPS.KDE.com, and the
newly redesigned KDE section at Themes.org (while a spiffy design,
this new site is still somewhat bare bones, visit the “classic”
pages for some actual content). P.S. Themes.org is running a
“favorite desktop” poll on their frontpage, let your voice be

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