Open source Java application server announcement

Announcing Enhydra 2.0: Java Application Server for Open Source

Jan 15, 1999 - There is now an Open Source answer for turning an
Apache Web Server, or any other industry Web Server, into a full
function Java application server. Enhydra.org announces "Enhydra",
a Java application server and development environment for the
Open Source community.

Available immediately under FreeBSD-style licensing, the entire
Enhydra run-time and development environment can be downloaded
from the home of Enhydra.org, http://www.enhydra.org. On-line
demos and an FAQ are provided for quick evaluation. Latest news
on updates, bug reporting capability as well as extensive
documentation are also made available. This site is maintained
by Enhydra.org, an open organization dedicated to serving Enhdyra
and its growing Open Source developer community.

Written entirely in Java, the Enhydra source code distribution
supports all the tools and infrastructure necessary for multi-tier
client/server application development and deployment. Its flexible,
comprehensive functionality is the result of nearly two years of
commerical consulting projects for IT and technology product
customers. For developers handcuffed by the practical limitations
of CGI scripting, Java application servers such as Enhydra are key
to developing more scalable and maintainable Internet
application-based services.

The Enhydra Application Framework implements a servlet-based
architecture of common services supporting business, presentation
and data logic. Services include user and session management, as
well as establishing and maintaining database connection sessions.
Presentation services feature Enhydra Jolt, a technology that goes
beyond Sun Microsystems Java Server Pages to support structured
strategies for embedding Java in HTML/Javascript files.

For an enhanced servlet running environment featuring embedded
servlet management, monitoring and debugging, Enhydra MultiServer
is included as a complementary technology. All Enhydra technology
supports any potential server platform, including Unix, Linux,
Windows and NT. The only requirement is the presence of an
installed JVM for Java 1.1.5 or higher.

As guided and supported by Enhydra.org, Enhydra will be perpetuated
by the Open Source model of developer community involvement and
interaction to continue the enhancement and refinement of the
Enhydra source base. Enhydra.org is eager to enlist members who
would like to help contribute to the successful promotion of an
Open Source alternative to commerical Java application servers.

A majordomo interest group, [email protected], can be subscribed
to by simply mailing to [email protected] with a message that
includes the single line "subscribe enhydra" or "subscribe  enhydra-digest"
(no quotes).
Enhydra is currently sponsored by Lutris Technologies, a consulting
firm that designs and builds strategic Internet applications for
commercial IT organizations and product companies leveraging
Internet technologies. Lutris believes that an open approach to
Enhydra development will benefit everyone in the Internet community.

Enhydra.org will soon announce an on-going series of technology
releases and updates, including Enhydra XMLC, an XML-based
technology designed to simplify the interactive relationship of
graphic designers and Java developers during development of
dynamic HTML presentations.

Java is trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.