O’Reilly Network: Lego MindStorms: Programming with NQC

“Last month I told you about the Lego MindStorms Robotics
Invention System and why it’s such an interesting product. This
month, you’ll get right to the fun stuff: building and programming
your own robot. You’ll learn how to program using Not Quite C
(NQC). Created by Dave Baum, NQC is one of the alternate
development environments I talked about in last month’s column. NQC
is a great piece of software for several reasons:

  • “NQC is freely distributed under the Mozilla Public License
  • It runs on Linux and Mac OS as well as Windows.
  • It has a syntax that looks like C, making it easy to learn for
    C programmers.
  • NQC uses the default firmware that comes with the Robotics
    Invention System. This makes it easier to deal with than some of
    the other, more powerful development environments that use
    alternate firmware.”

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