OSNews: Update on Red Hat’s Limbo Progress

“Just a few weeks after the beta release of the next version of
their Linux based OS, Red Hat has released 7.3.93 of their
software, once again, code-named Limbo. Those of you who read my
first Limbo review know that I gave it a favorable review. After
downloading and installing the second beta, I had to take a few
days before writing this article.

“I say this sincerely, and I know it will incite serious debate,
but I say it remaining as intentional and deliberate as I can: I
believe what you witness, as you install and use Limbo, is the
‘first draft,’ so to speak, of a true Windows killer.

“What Limbo 2, as I’ve been calling it, offers is more than eye
candy, although that’s what some will call it. It’s more than just
Gnome2, although some will call it that too. It’s a true, fully
functional system that can be used as a server, a workstation, or
even a plain vanilla desktop PC. It is functional enough for the
coder, the administrator, and, just maybe, your grandmother…”


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