PC Week: Full steam ahead

“Businesses are climbing aboard VPNs to get their data
transported cheaply and efficiently.”

“Moving at high speed through a tunnel, a train can get
travelers from point A to point B faster than, say, a bus that has
to navigate traffic and lights. In the same way, VPNs enable users
to seamlessly, quickly and securely transmit and receive data by
carving a tunnel through the Internet, rather than fighting with
public traffic for bandwidth.”

“Potential cost savings is also the impetus behind leasing
company BTM Capital Corp.’s experiments with VPNs. In October, the
Boston-based company began using RiverWorks from Indus River
Networks Inc., a VPN solution that includes a Linux-based tunnel
server, a management server (for controlling access to the tunnel,
updates and points of presence to users) and the client