Pervasive.com: Pervasive.SQL 2000 Linux is available for trial download.

[ Jack Zubarev
writes: ]

Pervasive.SQL 2000 (formerly Btrieve) which was released to
the Linux community in October is now available for free trial
from http://www.pervasive.com/products/download/.
Featuring both relational and transactional interfaces,
Pervasive.SQL 2000 brings Linux developers a much needed low-cost,
industrial strength database solution for on-line and regular
client-server application deployment.

Linux developers will benefit from a consistent set of
APIs and data-file formats compatible across multiple platforms
including Linux distributions as well as NT, NetWare, and Solaris,
thus giving developers the freedom to create Web-based and
e-business applications for everyone, everywhere. In addition
Pervasive.SQL 2000 on Linux delivers a host of Internet support,
self-optimization, and data recovery features such as JDBC driver,
dynamic index balancing and more. For more information please go