PIKT, “Problem Informant/Killer Tool,” v1.1 released

          PIKT, Problem Informant/Killer Tool, version 1.1

          New developments: revamped config files; config file
          autogeneration; $[0] versions of $0-type vars; pre-
          defined macros; greater robustness, security, and
          ease of administration; many, many more improvements

PIKT is an innovative new paradigm for administering heterogeneous networked
workstations.  PIKT monitors systems, reports problems, and fixes those
problems automatically whenever possible.

PIKT uses an embedded scripting language that sports an especially clean
syntax and introduces unique features to make your programming easier.

PIKT is also a sophisticated control mechanism for managing all of your
administrative scripts.  You can, setting aside the PIKT language, even
use it to version control, install, error log, and schedule programs written
in other languages, as well as to employ macros, meta-comments, and C-like
#if and #include directives in Perl, AWK, etc.

PIKT is distributed under the GNU General Public License, and available now for
Solaris, SunOS, and GNU/Linux.  For more info, and complete source code,
documentation, and data files (all ~40,000 lines of it), please visit the
PIKT Web site at:


Robert Osterlund                            robert.osterlund@gsb.uchicago.edu
Robert Osterlund, Unix Systems Manager                berto@gsbrgo.uchicago.edu
Grad School of Business, U of Chicago                       phone: 773/702-8898
1101 E. 58th Street, #309, Chicago, IL 60637, USA             fax: 773/702-0233

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