PostgreSQL status report


Version 6.5 has been a very stable release. The
developers were twiddling their thumbs waiting serious bug reports
that never occurred. We had a few bugs, but they were mostly rare
with easy workarounds.

We are packaging version 6.5.1 to be released next week.
Announcements of the release will be made in the usual places. We
believe this will be the final 6.5.* release. Then, we will start
on the next major version, to be released in 3-5 months.

Our web site has been overhauled in the past few weeks. I am
sure you will like the new layout. The FAQ and TODO list have been
overhauled too. The new versions appear on our web site. In fact,
the TODO list is more of a bugs/missing_features/TODO list.

An article on the history of PostgreSQL development was written.
You can view it on our web site, from the main home page(www.postgresql.org) or on our FAQ
& Documenation page. It also appears in the July issue of
Daemon News(www.daemonnews.org).

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