PRNewswire: Brooktrout Technology Announces Support For Linux

“Brooktrout Technology…today announced support for the Linux
operating system on their TR114 Series(TM) intelligent fax and
voice boards. Developers who have chosen Linux as their development
platform now have the option of developing on Brooktrout
Technology’s platforms to build enhanced fax and messaging

Our support for Linux is proof of Brooktrout Technology’s
commitment to addressing the needs of the rapidly growing Linux
community, which is taking hold in both the service provider and
enterprise marketplaces
,” said Jeff Sieloff, vice president of
Marketing, IP & Fax Division, Brooktrout Technology. “By
providing continuing support for a variety of operating systems,
Brooktrout Technology allows developers to choose the best
operating system for their application requirements.”

“…Brooktrout Technology’s TR114 intelligent fax boards reduce
fax transmission expenses up to 60 percent versus Class 1 and Class
2 modems. This is achieved through advanced features, including MMR
compression, T.434 binary file transfer capability, on board fax
processing and high speed transmission. Brooktrout Technology
intelligent fax boards also have superior interoperability with fax
machines globally. Due to a robust implementation of the T.30
protocol, a Brooktrout Technology-based LAN fax server will easily
connect and transmit to a much wider variety of fax machines than
competitive solutions.”

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